Soho Bedroom 1938 is a solo project by Berlin-based artist Fabian Saul. It is music about bright, dark and red feelings we all have. Soho Bedroom 1938 is for now three EPs, three singles and three videos long. A Heart For A Heart. A lot of different amazing artists helped to make these three chapters happen.

A Heart For A Heart Part 1 - 1 The Queen's Swan 2 Your Out-Of-Tune Heart 3 There's Nothing Left Sweet Honeybee 4 Borrowed Songs / Paperclips 5 Battlefields A Heart For A Heart Part 2 - 1 The Temporary Song 2 Under The Trees 3 A Heart For A Heart 4 Happiness 5 Wasted / Down / Kept A Heart For A Heart Part 3 - 1 Zoey 2 Gladstone Hotel 3 There Is No Way 4 Dream Is Over, Says John 5 Sunday Head When It Is All Over